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7 Vehicles. 22 Trails. 24 Hours.

Last week a small group of friends took up the challenge of wheeling 24 hours straight in Windrock Park.
For each participant the goal was simple: push themselves and their rigs harder and farther than the typical day of wheeling.
The concept for this trail ride was developed by a mainstay in the off-road community and Flex, Rocks and Rollovers founder, Marvin Stammel.

“The idea of a 24-hour, hardcore wheeling event has been in my head for a while now. I’m on a mission to create extremely challenging, multi-discipline, 4Å~4 challenges specifically designed to push the driver and the co-driver to their absolute limits and beyond.
Literally to Hell and Back! Eventually, I’d like to see something like this adapted to include Jeeps, Trucks, Buggies and possibly UTVs.
The decision to give it a go was only born only 6 days prior to the start of the challenge.

Given the short lead time, making something like this happen under such short notice meant involving a small group of local friends.

The purpose of this very first Hell and Back trail ride was nothing but a test and a benchmark.
Ultimately this trail ride will serve as a foundation for Flex, Rocks and Rollovers, and event sponsors and partners, to create something really awesome and challenging for the off-road community. A true challenge for man/woman and machine on some of the hardest trails the east coast has to offer!”

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