Rock Crawling at it's best!
Chinquipin Off-Road Park is located in the North-Eastern part of Tennessee, in Sneedville, TN.

This is a privately owned, 20 acre natural ROCK playground that will challenge any vehicle and driver beyond their capabilities.

Chinquipin has some of the best Rock Crawling in the SE,
this is NOT a place to trail ride or joy ride with the family - it is pure hardcore crawling, (expect body damage and parts breakage, so come prepared). Roll cage and seat belts are mandatory!

A place like this to ride is priceless, so -- FREE admission.
The rock crawling course is very spectator friendly!

★ Videos from previous years ★

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xqVs-LrK2c
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLtCc3gdLkk
3. https://www.facebook.com/james.pedalino/videos/2098821370148416/

★ Schedule ★ Labor Day Weekend ★

Saturday: Aug. 31st
- Rock Crawling/Poker Run
- UTV Race
- Charity Raffle

- Registration Friday night and Saturday morning
- Driver's meeting at Saturday 10:00
- Moderate Class starts at 10:15
- Difficult Class starts at 12:30
- Raffle will be held after race
- Concessions will be available

★ Good Cause ★
All Proceeds will be going to:
"Relay for Life" and "Hope for Hancock"
- Post up if plan to attend, or if you're interested in donating parts, money, gift certificates, t-shirts, or anything else.

★ Rock Crawl ★

2 Classes:
Moderate and difficult (you pick your class),
competing for parts and prizes that will be donated by various vendors.

The Poker Run will consist of 5 courses for each class, going from Point A to Point B (climbing an obstacle or short trail section) without any cones or other penalties. After you finish each course you will draw a card from the deck -- there will also be a bonus (tougher) climb for each class, if it is made then you're awarded an extra card. At the end the best 5 card hand will win.

We will also be having raffles for others prizes that are donated. Entry fee for poker run will be $25.00. Raffle tickets will be $10.00.

**Our objective is for EVERYONE to finish and play their hand **. We'll save the hard stuff till after the Poker Run.

★ Lodging ★

Nearby Tazewell (20 miles)
- Tazewell Motor Lodge 423-626-7229
- Dixie Plaza 423-626-3343
- Imperial Inn 423-626-4284

Clinch Mountain Cabins (12 miles)
check reservations 865-767-2511 or clinchmountainlookout.com

There will be plenty of room for camping with RV's and tents but there are no hookups. There is plenty of firewood, and camping is free.

★ Directions ★