Peak Refuel – Beef Pasta Marinara


HIGH PROTEIN | 100% REAL MEAT | PREMIUM INGREDIENTS – Beef Pasta Marinara: Beef Crumbles with Pasta Noodles in Marinara Sauce


After a long day of following your compass, settle down with some home-style marinara mixed with firm spiral noodles, real ground beef, vegetables, spices, and pure goodness. Now how do we do that? By only using premium, freeze-dried, all natural ingredients that keep their shape, taste, and nutritional value. Giving you 49 grams of protein, 40% of your daily iron, and 25% of your daily calcium, just add 1 1/3 cups of water and restore your energy and get ready for the next stage of your adventure.

  • Protein – 49g per pouch
  • Servings – 2
  • Serving size – ½ pouch
  • Contains – Milk, Wheat
  • Net Weight – 6.35oz
  • Made & Packaged in the USA
  • Calories per Pouch – 990
  • Prep Time – 10 min

High Protein
Our beef is just that…beef. TVP and artificial fillers are forbidden words in our house so you can enjoy more, authentic protein.

Premium Ingredients
Backpacking noodles that keep their shape?
We’ve figured out the secret! Plus, all out ingredients meet the same standard of texture, flavor and nutrients.

Less Water
Boil less water, start eating faster. Just boil 10.5 oz of water and you’re ready to go.


Peak Refuel


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