24 Hell and Back

First Test - Recap:

America’s Toughest
Trail Rides.


Epic is an understatement!
A group of high profile off-roaders paired with Influencers guarantee for authentic off-roading and great entertainment!

Off-Road lifestyle, outdoor adventures, rock crawling, muddy trails, navigation & team work.

Not knowing what obstacles and challenges await you around the next corner and how or if you’re making it to the end of the trail. A true challenge between man and machine under the worst circumstances mother nature can present.

Hell & Back

24 Hour Trail Ride

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Toughest Trail Rides

Authentic. Raw. Viral.

Make it or Break it.

Designed for Jeeps,Trucks, UTVs & Buggies.
The Hell & Back 24h Trail Ride was created to push the driver and the co-driver to their absolute limits and beyond. Literally to Hell and Back! Designed for Jeeps/Trucks/Buggies and possibly UTVs.

Location: Windrock Park 
City: Oliver Springs
State: Tennessee

Locked and Lit

Night Ride

Make it or Break it.


Lights on!
We're going wheeling until the sun comes up!

Location: TBA 
City: TBA
State: TBA